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NOTICE: Most often, when we buy a gun, we prepare a federal form 4473 for it, since those are our primary inventory records. This website grows, almost every Wednesday night and Saturday night, when the new 4473s are listed. Sometimes, a decision is made to reserve the gun to Service, so that problems with the gun may be resolved before it is put on the rack. Sometimes, the Webmaster is even notified of this reservation so he postpones listing the gun. We apologize when this notification comes late.

62211$700.00Baker Gun Co. Batavia Special breech-loading side×side 12-gauge sporting shotgun
Baker Gun Company was eventually swallowed by L. C. Smith

66622$295.00Bersa THUNDER380 alloy-framed double-action 8-shot .380 ACP self-loading pistol with magazine disconnector, integral gun lock, decocking safety

66306$395.001947 Browning Auto-5 recoil-operated 16-gauge self-loading sporting shotgun
66172$900.00Browning Auto-5 Light 12 recoil-operated 12-gauge self-loading sporting shotgun

66663$400.00Colt's Detective Special medium-frame blued-steel double-action 6-shot .38 Special snub-nose revolver

65121$125.00Glenfield by Marlin model 25 bolt-action .22 Long Rifle sporting rifle with detachable box magazine

66589$500.00Glock model 26, generation 4, mini-sized O/D polymer-framed single-action 9mm self-loading pistol, with three 10-shot magazines, 3 interchangeable backstraps, gun lock, hard case
Laid away

66251$195.00Hawk / IAC Billerica model 981R slide-action 12-gauge shotgun

66763$350.00Imez IJ70-18A blowback-operated 9×18mm self-loading pistol

66519$250.00Ithaca model 37 slide-action 12-gauge sporting shotgun

64709$125.00Mossberg model 453T .22 Long Rifle sporting rifle
66472$295.00Mossberg model 500 slide-action 12-gauge sporting shotgun w/two barrels
66738$195.00Mossberg model 500A slide-action 12-gauge sporting shotgun
66554$350.00Mossberg model 590 slide-action 12-gauge tactical shotgun with heat shield and bayonet lug

62040$2,500.001926 Parker Brothers model VH side×side 12-gauge sporting shotgun; barrels choked Full and Full
A previous owner inscribed his Social Security account number on the gun - and then went a little NUTZ with his children's names.
Laid away

64559$175.00Remington model 550-1 self-loading .22LR sporting rifle
65315$160.00Remington model 550-1 self-loading .22LR sporting rifle
64275$295.00Remington model 552 self-loading .22LR sporting rifle
66739$595.00Remington model 700BDL bolt-action sporting rifle in 7mm Remington Magnum caliber, with scope
66802$500.00Remington model 700LH bolt-action sporting rifle in .30-'06 Springfield caliber, with scope
This rifle was designed for left-handed shooters
Laid away
66471$495.00Remington model 7400 gas-operated self-loading .30-'06 sporting rifle
65753$395.00Remington model 760 slide-action .300 Savage sporting rifle
66735$195.00Remington model 870 Wingmaster slide-action 16-gauge sporting shotgun
66640$500.00Remington model 1100 gas-operated self-loading 12-gauge sporting shotgun

66517$600.00Savage model 1899 lever-action .250-3000 sporting rifle with rotary magazine

66819$350.00Smith & Wesson Military & Police Aircrewman model 12 medium-frame alloy-framed double-action 6-shot snub-nosed .38 Special revolver

66800$350.00Springfield model 1903 bolt-action .30-'06 sporterized military relic (WWI, WWII) with laminated stock, and scope

66642$150.00Stevens model 94C 12-gauge sporting shotgun

63744$350.00Sturm, Ruger & Co. model .22 Auto MARK III blued-steel single-action 10-shot .22 LR self-loading pistol
65979$325.00Sturm, Ruger & Co. model LC380 compact polymer-framed single-action 7-shot .380 ACP self-loading pistol with manual safety

64280$125.00Western Field model SB100B single-shot breech-loading 12-gauge sporting shotgun

66580$325.00West Point made by Marlin model 33 lever-action .30-30 sporting rifle

66314$295.00Winchester model 1300 slide-action 12-gauge sporting shotgun
65837$800.00Winchester model 1892 lever-action .38-40 sporting rifle
64690$1,500.001904 Winchester model 1892 lever-action .44-40 sporting rifle
64453$150.00Winchester model 67 bolt-action single-shot .22 sporting rifle
666391,000.00Winchester model 70 bolt-action .300 H&H Magnum sporting rifle
666393,000.00Winchester model 70 Carabine bolt-action .257 Roberts sporting rifle, with Lyman 4× scope in Redfield mounts
66351$275.00Winchester model 94 lever-action .30-30 sporting rifle
66760$295.00Winchester model 94 lever-action .30-30 sporting rifle


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